Unique Gifts

with a touch of Southern Hospitality and a splash of Twang

The Twang Sistas

Welcome to It’s A Twang Thang, LLC. We are a unique gifting company, composed of two Southern Sistas that stay close to our roots and sprinkle a little Southern Hospitality and a splash of Twang in everything we do. We have actually turned Twang into a verb and love sharing it with the world. You don’t gift them, you TWANG ‘em! 

“People might forget what you said, people might forget what you did but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

We believe it, we live it and we built an entire business around this concept. The Twang’n  process from start to finish is very unique and unforgettable. So, who ya wanna Twang? 

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What our amazing Clients have to say…

“From family celebrations to high end clients, the Twang Sistas are my go to for the perfect gifting. Class, southern charm and special touches everywhere. If you need the perfect gift, this is the team you can count on!”

Danelle Delgado

“When I’m expecting a gift to be absolutely amazing, I can always rely on The Twang Sistas with confidence. From the hand selected personal items to the beautiful presentation of the gift wrap, this company is second to none. They always work within a budget and the smallest gift has just as much WOW. I can easily recommend them to anybody without hesitation.”

Lisa White Johnson

“The Twang Sistas are my go to for custom gifts for my family and clients, nothing better than sending a gift of twang.”

Eric Mitchell

“Have you ever had a wish come true? Like, as a child you wished for that fancy bike? The bright colors, the racing stripes, all the bells and whistles…wrapped so eloquently. That’s what being TWANGed feels like. Pure MAGIC!”

Sarah Taco Ball

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